Stress: these are possible causes of tiredness and exhaustion

Verschlafener Mann auf Sofa reibt sich die Augen

Stress and exhaustion are omnipresent these days. There is always a lot to do and health suffers. In addition to stress, vitamin deficiency is also a common reason for a lack of energy. This makes it all the more important to prevent this with the help of vitamins.

This is because vitamins are vital for the body. Together with other vital substances, they take care of the metabolism, for example. People who are already stressed usually do not consume enough vital substances . This creates a vicious circle of stress, exhaustion and other symptoms.

Why do we need vitamins?

The human body needs various nutrients to function properly. In addition to proteins, carbohydrates and fats , the main nutrients also include vital substances. These include vitamins, for example, mineralsplant substances and amino acids.

Although vitamins do not provide energy, they are crucial for life and performance. This is because these substances are responsible for generating energy from nutrients. They are also involved in the production of hormones, blood cells and enzymes. They control food utilization and other biochemical processes. They also protect against harmful substances.

How do vitamins help with stress and exhaustion?

Vitamins strengthen and protect the body. However, they are not a solution for all symptoms. If you suffer from a lot of stress, a holistic approach is important. Try to avoid the source of stress. Do more exerciseget some fresh air and make sure you eat well. You can also do your body good with the help of dietary supplements.

We absorb vitamins through our food. In stressful times, it is particularly important to take certain vitamins. In this way, you can combat the stress hormone cortisol. The following vitamins help to reduce tiredness and fatigue, among other things:

  • Vitamin B12: Green vegetables and red meat are particularly rich in vitamin B12.
  • Vitamin B6: This vitamin helps to combat the well-known afternoon slump. It is found in bananas, among other things.
  • Vitamin C: This well-known vitamin strengthens your immune system so that you are well protected against illness, even under stress. Citrus fruits are particularly high in vitamin C.
  • Beta-carotene: This precursor of vitamin A is found in red, green and orange fruit and vegetables. The vitamin supports vision and the immune system.

How do I get enough vitamins?

In a perfect world, we would get all our vitamins from food. However, this is a challenge, especially in stressful times. Not all the necessary foods are always to hand. In addition, they do not necessarily contain sufficient amounts of vitamins and vital substances. Vegetarians and vegans also often have deficiencies as they do not consume animal products.

The only vitamin that our body can produce itself is vitamin D. We normally absorb this from sunlight. But in the colder months, vitamin D is lacking. It therefore makes sense to take a dietary supplement to combat tiredness and stress symptoms.

As everyone is different, we at indyvit offer you customizable vital substance capsules. You retain full control over your health. Depending on your symptoms and stress intensity, you can put together the right vitamins. Thanks to one capsule a day, you will soon feel better again.

The additional dose of vitamins helps you to get enough vital substances every day.

How can I put together my own vitamins?

With indyvit, you can easily put together your own vitamins. There is no risk of overdosing. We explain exactly how high the respective Recommended Daily Value (RDV) is. You also receive direct information on the minimum and maximum dose. So you can put together your individual vitamins to combat stress and exhaustion without any worries.

Our capsules offer the great advantage that you now only need to take one product per day. In the past, several were often necessary, as standardfood supplements are not personalized. Thanks to indyvit, however, you have the dosage in your own hands. What's more, we promise not to use any unwanted ingredients.

We work transparently and only use the most necessary ingredients for our capsules. The ingredients come from controlled and, wherever possible, regional cultivation. We do not use any colourings, coating agents, stabilizers or binding agents.

In addition to the desired vitamins, at indyvit you can also choose the color of your capsules. You also have a choice of flavor, label and product name. This makes healthy living really fun!

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