Die häufigsten Fragen zu indyvit. Alles was du wissen musst.


Is indyvit expensive?

indyvit seems expensive only at first sight. You always buy 290 capsules from us, which are produced especially for you. If you calculate the price per month, indyvit is usually cheaper than a comparable product from the specialized trade.

What is the online analysis?

In der kostenlosen Online-Analyse beantwortest du 15 Fragen zu dir, deinem Lebensstil und deinen Zielen. Daraus erarbeiten wir dir kostenlos eine massgeschneiderte Rezeptur.

Was ist der Experten-Modus

In expert mode, you determine yourself which ingredients should be in your capsules and in what quantity.

Wozu ein Bluttest

A blood test helps you to recognize whether you suffer from a deficiency of certain nutrients. With the individual recipe recommendation, you can then take targeted action against it.

Why is indyvit better for me?

We think that you are too good for mass production. If you are going to take vitamins, they should be as efficient as possible. They are only efficient if they are tailored to you and your needs. That's exactly what indyvit does.

Really 'Made in Switzerland'?

Guaranteed! Each indyvit is unique and made in our laboratory in Switzerland.

How many capsules do I get?

Your Indyvit contains 290 capsules that we make in our laboratory just for you, only after we receive your order.

Can I save or reorder my mix?

Clearly! Your orders are saved in your user account. So you always have an overview and can reorder. Of course, you can also adjust a new order.

How and when should I take my indyvit?

Ideally, you take your Indyvit with meals, together with a glass of water. Instead of a meal, you can also use a glass of milk or orange juice or similar. Taking your Indyvit with meals makes sense because your body can absorb the ingredients better.

If you are configuring a mix with several capsules per day, it is recommended that you spread them out over the day.

If you don't want to swallow the capsules, you can also open them and mix them with a non-hot food.

Where and how is my indyvit produced?

Each indyvit is unique. Your order is handmade in our certified laboratory in Switzerland. Only for you! We start with the production of your mix only after you have ordered. We guarantee the very best quality in processing.

How does the flavor get into my indyvit?

You can optionally add to your indyvit a specially designed indyvit heart made in a medical and food grade polymer. Our indyvit hearts are specially designed and formulated to enhance the smell and taste of capsules.

We use only 100% natural, organic, non-GMO, vegan, kosher and halal certified food grade flavors.

Which capsules does indyvit use?

Even with the capsules you have complete freedom and can determine yourself. Choose a standard capsule in subtle white or one of the bright colors. These capsules contain bovine gelatin.

Would you like a white, vegan capsule made from cellulose? Then select this option for the capsule color.

How are the ingredients selected?

When selecting our raw materials, various criteria must be met. The quality of the raw materials is crucial. In addition, we rely on regional suppliers wherever possible. Since the raw materials market is very volatile, we work with several sources depending on the raw material. Each raw material is thoroughly tested for its quality by means of micro and macro analysis before processing and there is a certificate of analysis for each ingredient.

If you are missing an ingredient in our assortment, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to receive your feedback and check availability and feasibility. Just use the contact form or write an email to info@indyvit.com.

Why does my indyvit contain maltodextrin as a filler?

The use of maltodextrin is due to technical reasons: In order to fill the capsules, they must be full to ensure that each capsule contains the same amount of ingredients. In addition, a full capsule guarantees reliable pressing and sealing during production.

Maltodextrin is composed of maltose (malt sugar) and dextrose (glucose). Thus, it is a food and belongs to the group of carbohydrates. The use of maltodextrin is absolutely safe and completely harmless in normal intake of food supplements.

What is the shelf life of my indyvit?

We produce all indyvit mixes fresh after receipt of order. We guarantee a minimum shelf life of 12 months.


Do I better do an analysis or use the expert mode?

Do you feel confident in handling and using ingredients of dietary supplements? Then we recommend you to use the configurator. Because with it you enjoy complete freedom.

Do you feel a little unsure or don't want to deal with the matter at all? Then answer the 15 questions in the analysis and get a completely customized indyvit for you and your needs.

How do I configure my indyvit?

In the indyvit Cockpit you configure each vital substance separately. The quantity shown refers to the desired daily dose. You simply use the slider to set how much of the respective vital substance you would like to take per day. We help you by giving a recommended daily dose. The maximum mixing is limited to the recommended maximum dose per day, which is defined in the Swiss food law.


Our algorithm is set so that you cannot overdose any of the ingredients. This means that even if you push the slider all the way to the maximum, you are always within the legal maximum values. For each ingredient, the reference value is displayed on the controller as a guide. This corresponds to 100% of the daily dose specified by law. If you move the slider further to the right, your daily dose is higher than the recommended daily intake, but still within the legal limits and safe. It is important that you do not exceed the configured number of capsules per day.

Why does my capsule fill differently in the configurator depending on the ingredient?

The individual ingredients differ in many ways. We carry ingredients that must be weighed in grams, milligrams or even micrograms. In addition, there are different densities and concentrations, which can vary depending on the substance compound. Influenced by these three factors, the capsule fills up at different rates because the vital substances require more or less space in the capsule.


How long does the production for my indyvit take?

Your indyvit will be produced in our Swiss laboratory within 2-3 working days. Afterwards we send your mix by A-Post. You will have your product in your mailbox after 5 days.

Shipping abroad

We also ship indyvit to Germany and to Austria. For postage, customs clearance and VAT CHF 19.- will be charged.

Shipping in Switzerland

Within Switzerland and Lichtenstein we ship free of charge with A-Post.