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  • 5 Sterne-Bewertung

    Ich habe mir die Kapseln aus Neugier bestellt.
    Alles hat super geklappt. Seit ich die Kapseln einnehme fūhle ich mich einfach viel fitter und bin weniger müde. Werde sicher nochmals bestellen und dann vermutlich eine Kapsel selber zusammenstellen.

    Stefan K.

  • 5 Sterne-Bewertung

    Super Produkt!
    Kann ich nur weiterempfehlen. Es hat bei mir echte Wunder gewirkt!

    Petra C.

  • 5 Sterne-Bewertung

    Ich bin begeistert von meinem persönlichem Vitaminen Mix für einen besseren Stoffwechsel. Es hat mich körperlich und geistig innert 3 Tagen auf ein neues Level gebracht. Ich habe so einige Kapseln von anderen Firmen ausprobiert und suche nach meiner Erfahrung bei Indyvit bestimmt nichts anderes.

    Ana V.

Any questions?

Is indyvit expensive?

indyvit seems expensive only at first sight. You always buy 290 capsules from us, which are produced especially for you. If you calculate the price per month, indyvit is usually cheaper than a comparable product from the specialized trade.

What is the online analysis?

In the online analysis, you answer 15 questions about yourself, your lifestyle and your goals. From this, we develop a customized recipe for you.

What is the expert mode?

In expert mode, you determine yourself which ingredients should be in your capsules and in what quantity.

Why a blood test?

A blood test helps you to recognize whether you suffer from a deficiency of certain nutrients. With the individual recipe recommendation, you can then take targeted action against it.

Why is indyvit better for me?

We think that you are too good for mass production. If you are going to take vitamins, they should be as efficient as possible. They are only efficient if they are tailored to you and your needs. That's exactly what indyvit does.

Really 'Made in Switzerland'?

Guaranteed! Each indyvit is unique and made in our laboratory in Switzerland.

die Gewinner des Digital Commerce Awards

Multiple awards & patent pending

Indyvit won the Digital Commerce Award in 2023 and 2022 in two categories. In the categories "Beauty & Care" and "Small Business" as well as "Start-up" and "Best Feature", indyvit was chosen as the winner by a jury of experts.

The unique technology of indyvit is patent-pending worldwide.

  • 1. fill in the questionnaire

    Tell us your needs and wishes and we will develop a personalised formula for you.

  • 2. design your packaging

    Personalise your supplements, from the content to the flavour, capsule colour and label.

  • 3. we get down to work

    We produce your capsules on demand in our Swiss laboratory within 3-4 working days and send them to your home.

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    Other manufacturers:

    Several different pills

    >90% Additives

    • Mass-produced goods: 0% Individualisation

    • Since 3 Years on the shelf

    • Made in China

  • Video zeigt, wie Kundin eine Kapsel von indyvit einnimmt und wieder wegläuft.


    All in one

    • 100% individulised - for you

    Minimum of additives

    • Always freshly produced

    • Made in Switzerland

Laptop und Smartphone mit indyvit Konfigurator

For experts

Are you a doctor, druggist, pharmacist, nutritionist or alternative practitioner? Or are you simply well enough informed and know exactly what you or your patients need? Then start with an empty capsule in expert mode. You decide yourself which ingredients should be in your capsule and in which quantity.

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Kundin mit indyvit Kapsel zwischen den Fingern

You decide...

More than 30 macro- and micronutrients, vital substances and herbal substances are waiting to be combined by you.

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Kunde hält eine grüne indyvit Kapsel vor sein rechtes Auge

100% security + transparency

No overdose possible. All our vital substances are limited to the maximum daily dose (according to the Federal Office of Public Health) and can be safely combined with each other.

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Discover our ingredients

Learn more about the benefits of the ingredients used, what foods contain them, and other burning questions you may have - we have the answer.