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  • Taurine is a chemical substance known as an aminosulfonic acid.
  • Taurine occurs naturally in the body.
  • The body of a healthy adult can produce the minimum amount of taurine itself.

What is Taurine and why does the body need Taurine?

Taurin ist eine organische Verbindung, die in tierischen Geweben weit verbreitet ist. Es ist ein Hauptbestandteil der Galle und kommt im Dickdarm vor und macht bis zu 0,1 % des gesamten menschlichen Körpergewichts aus. Taurin ist vor allem aus Energydrinks bekannt.

Can I cover my daily requirement with food?

Taurin kommt natürlich in Fleisch, Fisch, Milchprodukten und menschlicher Milch vor.

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  • Taurin wird auch als Aminosulfonsäure bezeichnet.

  • Taurin hat unzählige Eigenschaften und Aufgaben in deinem Körper.

  • Taurin ist bekannt aus Energydrinks.

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How many capsules do I get?

Your Indyvit contains 290 capsules that we make in our laboratory just for you, only after we receive your order.

Can I save or reorder my mix?

Clearly! Your orders are saved in your user account. So you always have an overview and can reorder. Of course, you can also adjust a new order.

How and when should I take my indyvit?

Ideally, you take your Indyvit with meals, together with a glass of water. Instead of a meal, you can also use a glass of milk or orange juice or similar. Taking your Indyvit with meals makes sense because your body can absorb the ingredients better.

If you are configuring a mix with several capsules per day, it is recommended that you spread them out over the day.

If you don't want to swallow the capsules, you can also open them and mix them with a non-hot food.