Multivitamins or single vitamins?

Viele verschiedene exotische Früchte auf einem Tisch geordnet

Vitamins are important vital substances that are responsible for central processes in the body. Among other things, they take care of the metabolism, muscle and bone formation and the immune system.

Vitamins are food supplements. In capsule form, they contain a vitamin mix that supplements the normal diet. This is because we do not always manage to get all the vitamins we need from our diet. At indyvit, however, we are convinced that a general capsule with multivitamins is not good enough. That's why we offer you the opportunity to put together your own vitamin supplement.

Which vitamins do I actually need?

Before buying multivitamin capsules, you should consider which vitamins you need. This varies according to gender, age and health conditions. For example, women who are pregnant or planning to have children need more folic acid than other people. Athletes need more vitamin B6, while vegans should focus on vitamin B12.

We offer you the following important vitamins in our configurator:

- vitamin B1
- beta-carotene
- vitamin E
- vitamin C
- Vitamin B12
- vitamin B6
- riboflavin
- pantothenic acid
- niacin
- biotin
- vitamin D3
- Folic acid

Many of us have a vitamin D deficiency. This important vitamin is found in sunlight. Many Swiss people therefore suffer from a deficiency, particularly in winter. But other vitamins are also lacking in the cold months. This is because fruit and vegetables usually contain fewer vitamins.

Therefore, always keep an eye on how you feel. This way, you can quickly recognize any deficiency symptoms and counteract them with multivitamin supplements. They should not simply contain lots of vitamins, but should be tailored to your needs.

What is the best way to take vitamins?

The human body needs a regular supply of minerals and vitamins. Otherwise a deficiency will occur.

We absorb most of our vitamins through food and sunlight. An unbalanced diet is therefore a common cause of deficiency symptoms. A diet without micronutrients, for example without fresh fruit and vegetables, also leads to a vitamin deficiency. This makes it all the more important to help with vitamin supplements.

These vitamin mixes usually come in the form of a capsule or tablet. They can be taken with food and provide the body with important nutrients. However, many multivitamin mixtures contain numerous different vitamins and nutrients. This is not a bad thing at first, but a personalized dosage is not possible.

In addition, pre-packaged multivitamins can quickly lead to an overdose. The body excretes excess vitamins. But too many vitamins can inhibit processes such as muscle building. It is therefore better to ingredients of your dietary supplements yourself. This allows you to tailor the multivitamin capsule to your needs.

What are the benefits of multivitamins?

In Switzerland there are precise specifications for multivitamin capsules. This is to prevent you from taking excessive amounts of vitamins. Multivitamin capsules must also comply with legal regulations. However, they are not yet tailored to your individual needs.

At indyvit, we rely on personalized vitamins. They have the great advantage that you only need one product per day instead of several, as was previously the case. This combination preparation contains all the vitamins and nutrients you need. It is a mixture that is precisely tailored to you.

Whether it's for better performance in sport, better concentration or support with losing weight - we offer the right vitamin mix. At indyvit you can eitherwork with from the online analysis or create your own mix. In both cases, you will receive a practical capsule with multivitamins that provides you with an optimal supply.

In addition to the dosage, multivitamins also offer the advantage that there are fewer additives than in individual capsules.

With indyvit, your mix is free from binding agents and colorants. We transparently list all ingredients used. We also rely on high-quality and, where possible, regional raw materials. We meticulously check their quality and provide a quality certificate for each ingredient.

How can I put together my own multivitamins?

In the indyvit capsule configurator, you can decide for yourself which ingredients your multivitamin mix contains. You can see exactly what the recommended daily dose is for each ingredient. The maximum dose is also included so that overdosing is not a risk.

Do you want your indyvit quickly and individually or do you still feel unsure about the matter? Then let our algorithm help you. After just 15 questions about you, your habits and your goals, the algorithm will create a personalized product that is completely tailored to your body.

Our capsules are not only personalized, but also very practical. You only need one capsule a day. You retain full control over all the ingredients. You even decide the look and taste of the capsule and the design of the label. So these are truly personalized capsules.

Want to try it out straight away? Click here to go to our innovative capsule configurator. There you can see at a glance which vitamins you can put together to support your health. Just the way you want it!

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