Losing weight thanks to vitamins? Which vitamins help you lose weight?

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minerals and vitamins are important components of a balanced diet. But what role do they play in a diet or dietary change? Why are vitamins important for losing weight?

Losing weight is a constant topic in the media that only seems to lose its topicality around holidays such as Christmas and Easter. Reports about superfoods, tips and tricks for achieving the desired weight are omnipresent.

There are many different measures and ways to lose weight. These include more exercise, a reduced calorie intake and smaller portions. Cutting out sugar, fast food and high-calorie drinks has also proven to be effective.

People show a lot of creativity when it comes to nutrition in connection with dieting and weight loss. There are radical diets that no longer allow for an adequate supply of the most important nutrients. Especially with a comprehensive reduction of amount of food and nutrients there is a risk of an undersupply of macro and micronutrients.

Vitamins: Important building blocks of nutrition


Vitamins are essential for humans. With the exception of vitamin D, the human body cannot produce them on its own. They must therefore be taken in with food. Vitamins are found in fruit and vegetables, but also in meat, fish and dairy products, nuts and seeds. A regular intake is important, as the body does not store them long-term.

Vitamins influence our health in many ways, for example by strengthening the immune system and performance. They promote regeneration processes, have an effect on sleep and are important for blood clotting and vitality. They also act as catalysts in metabolic processes and are required for the formation of hormones and enzymes.

In addition to numerous other symptoms, a vitamin deficiency can weaken the immune system and lead to reduced performance. Typical deficiency symptoms are tiredness and poor concentration. If the inadequate supply persists over a long period of time, permanent damage is possible.

Why are vitamins so important for weight loss and metabolism?

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Although the so-called macronutrients carbohydrates, fat and proteins are the most important sources of energy, micronutrients such as vitamins are indispensable for metabolic processes.

As they are involved in numerous metabolic processes, a lack of them can have an impact on the many interlinked processes. The consequences of this are often underestimated. The thyroid gland is a good example to illustrate this.

An underactive thyroid can cause numerous different symptoms. These include, for example, weight gain. Iodine deficiency or hormonal imbalances are possible causes. In view of the fact that vitamins also influence hormone metabolism, a slowed metabolism due to an unbalanced vitamin supply is quite conceivable.

People with a slow metabolism have to contend with the problem that it can make weight loss more difficult. More activity in everyday life has a positive effect on metabolism and calorie balance.

What exactly is metabolism?
Basically, metabolism, also known as metabolism, refers to all biochemical processes within the cells. Substances are transported, broken down, converted and rebuilt. In other words, they are broken down, broken down into their components and converted into required substances. One important function of metabolism is energy production.

A large number of different hormones and enzymes are involved in controlling the metabolism. Vitamins themselves do not provide energy, but are essential for metabolic processes that convert nutrients into energy. Vitamins that contribute to normal energy metabolism include, for example:

  • Riboflavin (B2)
  • thiamine (B1)
  • vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • vitamin C
  • Niacin (B3)
  • Pantothenic acid (B5)
  • Biotin

Even if the principle of metabolism is the same for all people, individual differences in energy metabolism are natural. They do not result from diet alone. The genetic component also plays a role. There are also factors such as lifestyle, sleep patterns, activity and stress levels. stress levels and the like.

While some people have an active metabolism, others have a sluggish one. This is one reason why not every body reacts in the same way to the same food intake. If you want to lose weight, you should try to activate your metabolism. Exercise is one way of doing this. In combination with a sufficient intake of the most important nutrients, changes are likely.

When are dietary supplements useful?
In principle, it is possible to obtain an adequate supply of vitamins from food. Nevertheless, deficiencies cannot be ruled out. After all, who really always eats as balanced a diet as is recommended?

In addition, there are differences in the utilization of nutrients. Possible reasons for this are illnesses or the intake of medication. An increased requirement due to living conditions and habits such as smoking, extreme stress or physical exertion is also conceivable. Gaps in the nutrient supply can be filled with specifically selected food supplements.

Vitamin requirements vary from person to person. In principle, the use of food supplements makes sense if there is a deficiency or if it is to be prevented. However, they are not suitable as a substitute for a health-conscious diet.

You can now find shelves of food supplements in almost every supermarket. Most of these are combination preparations. The ingredients are usually based on average values. Personal requirements are therefore not taken into account. Vitamins for weight loss that suit your lifestyle are difficult to find in this way.

What are the advantages of individualized dietary supplements?
With us, you can specify the ingredients and the desired dose yourself. We currently offer more than 30 vital substances that we can combine for you according to your needs. You also have the option of choosing a vegan version of the capsules. You can also choose the color of the capsules and give your individual nutrient mix a name.

We are convinced of the benefits of individual supplements. We offer various options to give you as much freedom of choice as possible.

If you have sufficient experience in dealing with food supplements as well as in-depth knowledge, we recommend the expert mode. This allows you to choose the ingredients of your choice. This is an uncomplicated way to obtain a mix of active ingredients tailored to your needs.

You can choose from vitamins, minerals, herbal substances, amino acids and ingredients such as taurine and glucosamine. The preset settings protect against overdosing. This means that it is not possible to exceed the reference values. In the configuration, the value displayed corresponds to the daily amount.

Do you need a little more support? Then feel free to use our analysis tool. The configurator creates your vitamins for weight loss or the supplement of your choice. After answering a few questions, these are evaluated. They serve as the basis for creating your personal dietary supplement.

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