That is why we produce the first tailor-made nutritional supplement.

Even the very first, worldwide. indyvit is an invention from Switzerland. But not from one of the big pharmaceutical companies. Instead, our team consists of only two founders and a few freelancers and our manufacturing partners.

That's why it took us two full years to turn the idea into reality. In the meantime you can combine more than 30 vital substances in a colorful way. But we are far from finished. There are still dozens of possibilities that we would like to offer you. Write us which ones you would like to see!

Die Gewinner des digital Commerce Awards

Multiple awards & patent pending

Indyvit won the Digital Commerce Award in 2023 and 2022 in two categories. In the categories "Beauty & Care" and "Small Business" as well as "Start-up" and "Best Feature", indyvit was chosen as the winner by a jury of experts.

The unique technology of indyvit is patent-pending worldwide.

indyvit Rot von Philipp

Philipp Kirschbaum

Co-Founder with a thirst for movement

Besides indyvit, Philipp is moved by his family and sports.

Philipp has designed, marketed and sold nutritional supplements for the pharmaceutical industry for most of his life. As doubts about mass production grew, the idea for indyvit was born.

indyvit Blau von Philip

Philip Bienz

Co-founder with an urge for water

Philip loves to spend his life by, in or on the water.

When he once again stood in front of the vitamin shelf in the supermarket after surfing and found nothing useful, it was also clear to him that nutritional supplements needed a revolution.

Frau mit gelber Kapsel im Mund

Your well-being is your choice

We are rebels at heart. We don't like to have our bodies and our well-being decided. Instead, we strive for the freedom to decide for ourselves what we eat. We like to decide for ourselves.

We have not had this choice with food supplements. There were prefabricated mixtures with many ingredients that we prefer to do without. And only in a combination that neglected our individual needs.

3 Hände halten drei unterschiedliche indyvit Produkte

Together we democratise the supplement industry

In 10 years, everyone should enjoy full freedom over their own nutritional supplements. Will you support us in this? Then start mixing your own individual supplement. Or follow us on Instagram and Facebook to hear from us every day.

  • Swiss production

  • Best quality

  • Certificate of analysis for each ingredient

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Our range of individual nutritional supplements has been developed together with health experts. The combined experience of our health experts is the basis of our offer. Through the knowledge and experience of the experts, we ensure the highest quality at the cutting edge of health, science and medicine.
  • Dr. med. Joris Budweg

    Dr. med. Joris Budweg

    FMH General Internal Medicine

    Trained Vitamin & Nutrient Coach

  • Dr. med. Constantin Weil v.d. Ahe

    Dr. med. Constantin Weil v.d. Ahe

    Medical director, doctor for aesthetic medicine

  • Bruno Rüegg

    Bruno Rüegg

    Pharmacist FPH

  • Dr. Walter Seelig

    Dr. med. Walter Seelig

    Orthopaedic surgeon

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