Strengthening the body in the cold season: tips for a robust immune system

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The cold season not only brings cozy hours in front of the fireplace and snowy landscapes, but also an increased susceptibility to colds and infections. Our body works tirelessly to protect us from illness. In this article, we will shed light on how the immune system works, why we get sick more often in autumn and winter and, above all, what measures we can take to support our immune system and get through the cold months stronger.

The fascinating immune system:
Our immune system is a complex network of cells and molecules that watches over our body like a watchful eye. It detects invading pathogens such as viruses and bacteria and mobilizes a defensive response to fight these invaders. Although we can't dive into health-related claims, it's important to emphasize that the immune system is our personal defense hero.

Why do we become more susceptible during the cold season?
During the fall and winter months, colds and infections seem like a persistent companion. One reason for this is that we spend more time indoors, where pathogens are more likely to spread. At the same time, the drier air in heated rooms can dry out our mucous membranes, which could reduce protection against invaders.

The importance of vitamin D:
Vitamin D, often referred to as the 'sunshine vitamin', plays a crucial role in our immune system. It is mainly produced by sunlight in the skin and supports the regulation of the immune system. In the darker months, a lack of sunlight can lead to lower vitamin D levels, which could compromise the immune system.

Measures to strengthen the immune system:
Balanced diet: A variety of nutrients are essential for a healthy immune system. Make sure your diet is rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean protein.

Get enough sleep: Sleep is a valuable time for the body to recover and strengthen the immune system. Make sure you get enough sleep to keep your defenses up.

Exercise: Regular physical activity can help improve circulation and strengthen the immune system. Even simple activities such as walking can have a positive effect.

Hygiene: Washing your hands is a simple but effective way to reduce the spread of pathogens. Pay particular attention to this during the cold season.

The cold season does not necessarily have to be associated with frequent illnesses. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle, optimizing our diet and paying attention to our personal needs, we can strengthen our immune system. In partnership with, an expert in customized supplements, we can find individual approaches to support our immune system in the best possible way and get through the winter with vitality.
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