Immediate effect? We tell you how long it takes for food supplements to work

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In this article, you will find out how long it takes for dietary supplements to take effect and for the first improvements in your well-being to become noticeable.

First of all:"If you are promised an immediate effect by providers, this is usually not reputable and we advise against a purchase."

Before we get into the details, it is important that we comply with Swiss legislation. We are prohibited from making unauthorized health claims and we will continue to respect this. Please note that food supplements are not medicines and should not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

It is important to understand that the effects of food supplements can vary from person to person. Various factors, including individual metabolism, health status and compliance (regular intake), can influence the effect.

Do not expect an immediate effect from supplements A duration of 3-5 months is quite realistic, as supplements usually need time to develop their full effect. During this time, the body has sufficient opportunity to absorb and build up the nutrients it contains.
For some people, the positive changes may be noticeable much earlier. For others, however, it may take longer, as each body reacts individually.

The duration of effect can depend on various factors:
Type of dietary supplement: The duration of effect can vary depending on the type of supplement. Some supplements, such as vitamins or minerals, can be absorbed and used by the body relatively quickly, while other products, such as probiotics or certain herbal extracts, require more time to show their effects.

Individual differences: Every person is unique and reacts differently to supplements. Factors such as age, gender, state of health and genetic predisposition can influence the response time. Tailored supplements can be more effective here

Dosage and compliance: The correct dosage and regular intake are crucial for the effectiveness of dietary supplements. If they are not taken according to the recommendations, this can affect the results.

Initial condition and objective: The individual condition and the intended effect of the supplements can also influence the duration. For people with pre-existing deficiencies or health problems, it may take longer to see noticeable improvements.

The effects of supplements usually build up slowly as they are designed to gradually support the body and promote a healthy nutrient balance. It is therefore important to take the products regularly and according to the instructions.

If you are promised an immediate effect by suppliers, this is usually not serious and we advise against a purchase.

How quickly do customized dietary supplements work?
At indyvit, each product is unique and the formula is tailored to your needs. This is both more efficient and more effective than conventional off-the-shelf supplements.

Tailor-made supplements offer a number of advantages that set them apart from conventional, standardized supplements. Here are some of the key benefits:

Customized: The most obvious benefit is that customized supplements are specifically tailored to a person's individual needs and health status. Through a comprehensive analysis of lifestyle, diet, health goals and personal preferences, ingredients and dosages can be tailored to the individual's specific requirements. This enables more targeted support and optimization of health.

Optimization of nutrient supply: Tailored nutritional supplements aim to compensate for potential deficiencies in essential nutrients. This is particularly beneficial if a person has difficulty obtaining sufficient amounts of certain nutrients from their normal diet due to their dietary habits or health restrictions.

Avoiding overdosing: Standardized supplements often have fixed dosages that may not be optimal for each person. By adjusting the dosages individually, we avoid taking unnecessarily high amounts of certain nutrients, which could potentially have negative effects.

Use of high-quality ingredients: As a manufacturer in Switzerland, we place particular emphasis on the use of high-quality and well-tolerated ingredients. This can improve the bioavailability and thus the effectiveness of the products.

No unnecessary additives: As indyvit is always produced fresh after receipt of the order, we can dispense with unnecessary additives. We only use maltodextrin as a filler.

Supporting specific health goals: By targeting individual health goals, supplements can help improve specific health conditions or concerns. Whether it's boosting the immune system, aiding digestion or supporting energy levels, customized products can meet individual needs.

Monitoring and customization: The process of customized supplements is often not a one-time event. Over time, a person's needs may change and therefore products can be regularly reviewed and adjusted to ensure they continue to provide the best possible support.

Transparency and trust: By actively involving you as a customer in the development process of your supplement, we create a higher level of transparency and trust. You know exactly what you are taking and why it has been specifically recommended for you.

Individually tailored nutritional supplements are therefore the best way to optimize your diet and compensate for possible deficiencies.

Here'show it's done:
The process begins with a comprehensive analysis of your needs, taking into account various factors such as lifestyle, eating habits, health status and personal goals.'s expertly developed algorithm uses this information to develop a customized product specifically tailored to your body and needs.

Remember, as a trusted partner in Switzerland, is dedicated to providing the best tailored solutions for your body.

Stay healthy and take good care of yourself!

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