How your indyvit is made

Zeigt verschiedene Gläser und Kolben in einem Labor in Nahaufnahme

Did you know that every indyvit product is unique? Because your indyvit is tailored to you, it is significantly more efficient and effective than conventional products.

Production of your product only starts in our laboratory in Switzerland once we have received your order. Unlike shelf products, your indyvit is therefore always freshly produced for you.

And this is how it works:

🔎 Step 1: Take the online quiz. You answer the 15 questions about yourself and your body in the online analysis. It only takes 3-4 minutes😅.

💻 Step 2: Algorithm creates formula. The patent-pending indyvit algorithm creates a customized formula based on your answers.️

⚖️ Step 3: Weighing the raw materials. The raw materials for your recipe are weighed out precisely in the required quantity in our laboratory in Switzerland. We only use the best quality raw materials, which have been tested several times.

🔬 Step 4: Mixing the raw materials. The sum of all your raw materials is processed into a homogeneous mass. This is how we ensure that each capsule contains exactly the same content.

💊 Step 5: Encapsulation. Your raw material recipe is packed into the capsules of your choice under laboratory conditions.

🏷️ Step 6: Packaging. We print your individual label. Stick it on the tin and gently fill your capsules.

🛂 Step 7: Quality control. Quality is the hallmark of indyvit. That's why no indyvit leaves the laboratory without first undergoing quality control.

📦 Step 8: Shipping. Your indyvit is carefully packaged and sent by A Mail so that you have it in your letterbox the next day.

💡Not so wild, is it? And yet the indyvit range is unique worldwide. It took us several years of development to get to where we are today and apply for a patent for the technology.

👏 We are proud that with indyvit we can make your health a little more effective and efficient. You too can benefit from it.

❓Do you have any questions or suggestions? Then please get in touch with us at info(at)

Your indyvit team

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Tailored precisely to you!

Every indyvit is unique, precisely tailored to your needs and always freshly produced. Made in Switzerland.

Configure it yourself, take the questionnaire, or first order a blood test and then receive a report along with recommended formulas.

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