Why have I been putting on weight for a few years now? We have the answer

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Do you know the problem that you have been gaining weight for a few years now, even though you are not exercising any less or eating any more than before?

Around the age of 40, a change often occurs in the body that can surprise many of us: the gradual gaining of weight, despite our efforts to maintain our usual diet and exercise. You may wonder why this phenomenon occurs even though you work so hard to live a healthy life. In this article, we want to shed some light on the mystery behind this problem.

The impact of age on metabolism: As you age, your metabolism changes. Your body needs less energy to maintain its functions. This means that you may burn fewer calories than you did in your younger years, even if you maintain the same activity and diet. This natural process can lead to excess calories being stored as fat, resulting in weight gain.

Hormonal changes: After the age of 40, hormonal changes can occur, particularly in women during menopause and in men related to declining testosterone levels. These changes can affect the metabolism and lead to increased fat storage. In women, hormonal changes can increase body fat, while men with lower testosterone levels may experience a decrease in muscle mass and an increase in body fat.

Muscle loss and exercise: Loss of muscle mass can also occur with advancing age, known as sarcopenia. Muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue, so a loss of muscle mass can further slow down the metabolism. At the same time, work and personal commitments may limit time for physical activity. This can lead to a decrease in exercise, which in turn affects metabolism.

The role of personalized supplements: This is where personalized supplements come into play. At indyvit.com, we believe that every person is unique and has individual needs. Our customized supplements are tailored specifically to your body and your needs. Using advanced analysis and technology, we take into account your genetic predisposition, metabolism, hormone levels and other relevant factors to develop supplements that can help you overcome these challenges.

Metabolic support: Our supplements may contain ingredients that can boost metabolism and support fat burning. They can help your body to use the nutrients it receives more efficiently.

Maintaining muscle mass: Special formulations can aim to slow down muscle breakdown and promote the maintenance of muscle mass. This can help your body burn more calories and support your metabolism.

Hormonal Balance: Our supplements may contain ingredients that help maintain a healthy hormonal balance. This can be particularly beneficial for menopausal women and men with declining testosterone levels.

Customized formulation: At indyvit.com, we create a formula that is customized to your needs. Your indyvit will only be produced after we receive your order.

Overall, weight gain after the age of 40 is a complex interplay of hormonal changes, metabolic decline and reduced muscle growth.
While these processes are natural, there are ways in which you can actively counteract them. Personalized supplements could be a helpful tool to address your individual challenges and maintain your health and fitness beyond 40.

Remember that lifestyle and nutrition changes bring long-term results.

Stay strong, stay healthy and remember that you are in control of your well-being - at every stage of your life.

Your team at indyvit.com

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