Saffron - The golden essence for mood and sleep

Weisser Porzelan-Löffel mit roten Safran-Fäden.

Today we would like to take you into the magical world of saffron. This precious spice is not only known for its unique taste and bright color, but it also has a long tradition in the history of mankind. Let's delve into the secrets of saffron together and learn how it can become a customized supplement from

Origin and tradition:
Saffron is a rare spice extracted from the dried pistil threads of the crocus flower (Crocus sativus). The origins of saffron go back to ancient times and was highly sought after in various cultures. Today, saffron is mainly cultivated in the Mediterranean region, the Middle East and also in Switzerland.

Its laborious extraction process, in which the pistil threads are picked by hand, makes saffron one of the most expensive spices in the world. However, its unique taste and fascinating color have made saffron a valuable treasure for many culinary creations.

What does saffron contain?
The most important components of saffron are crocin, picrocrocin and safranal. These compounds give saffron its characteristic aroma, color and potential properties for your well-being.

Crocin: Crocin is one of the main active ingredients in saffron, which is responsible for its bright red color. It is a carotenoid and has antioxidant properties. Antioxidants help to neutralize free radicals in the body that can cause damage to cells. Crocin is also being researched for some potential effects on your well-being, such as possible positive effects on the nervous system.

Picrocrocin: Picrocrocin is a bitter substance in saffron and gives the spice its characteristic bitter taste. It is assumed that picrocrocin plays a role in stimulating digestion and can increase appetite. There has also been research into the role picrocrocin can have on your wellbeing.

Safranal: Safranal is a volatile essential oil in saffron that is responsible for its unique aroma and characteristic scent. It is also an antioxidant and may have excellent properties. Safranal has been investigated in some studies for its potential role in supporting mood and reducing stress.

Ideal intake and combination:
The intake of saffron can vary according to need, and it is important to follow the recommended dosage. At, we work closely with our customers to determine the ideal intake and dosage for their customized saffron supplement.

The ideal supplement:
At, we believe that every product should be unique, just like every person. A customized saffron supplement is therefore tailored to the customer's individual body and specific needs. As saffron is considered a supplement, it can be supportive when taken in a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Final words:
Saffron is undoubtedly a remarkable essence that can play an important role in the world of nutritional supplements. At, we pride ourselves on creating bespoke saffron supplements that take into account the unique needs of each individual customer.

Please note that under Swiss law, we are not permitted to make unauthorized health claims about saffron. Food supplements should never replace a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. We therefore recommend that you always consult a healthcare professional before taking any dietary supplements, including customized saffron supplements.

We hope you have enjoyed this insight into the fascinating world of saffron.

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