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We all need vital substances that the body cannot produce itself. These include vitamins, but also minerals, plant substances and amino acids. We normally get these from our food. However, it often makes sense to take additional food supplements. This effectively prevents deficiency symptoms. This works particularly well with personalized vitamins.

At indyvit, we are convinced that you know best which vitamins you need. That's why we give you the choice between many important vital substances. You can mix these yourself in the capsule configurator to create your own personal booster. You will receive a practical capsule for every day that provides you with all the vital substances you need. You can read more about how to do this here.

Which vitamins do I need?
We all need vitamins every day. They fulfill essential functions in the body. They support the metabolism, strengthen the muscles, build up the immune system and reduce tiredness. Most vitamins are found in foods such as fruit and vegetables. But sunlight also contains vitamin D. This is why many of us have a vitamin deficiency, especially in winter.

In addition, in some situations we have an increased need for certain vitamins. This varies from person to person and from situation to situation. At indyvit, we do not believe in generalized vitamin capsules. Instead, we rely on personalized nutritional supplements.

    How does a vitamin deficiency manifest itself?
    Before you put together your personalized vitamins, you should consider where you may be deficient. Even a balanced diet can lead to vitamin deficiency can occur. This is because many foods do not contain enough nutrients. Some people also focus too much on certain nutrients. However, most vital substances work together, which is why a one-sided diet is suboptimal.

    The body signals when there is a lack of vitamins or minerals. In this country, vitamin D and vitamin B12 deficiencies are particularly common. The sunlight vitamin D is particularly lacking in winter. This is due to a lack of daylight. In addition, our food usually contains fewer nutrients in winter.

    Vitamin B12 deficiency is also widespread in Switzerland. Vegetarians and vegans in particular vegans are affected. This is because the vitamin is mainly found in animal-based foods.

    What are the benefits of personalized vitamins?
    In recent years, the need for personalized medicine has become ever greater. This is because we all have different lifestyles, eating habits and health conditions. General supplements do not meet these needs. Sometimes they even provide us with too many vitamins and nutrients.

    The answer is personalized nutritional supplements. Vital substances can be adapted to individual people. Factors such as gender, age, constitution, genetics and existing deficiency symptoms are taken into account. Individual complaints and preferences can be taken into account with personalized vitamins.

    Food supplements help to replenish the body's vitamin and mineral stores. In the form of capsules, they supply the body with important substances. By putting together your own dietary supplement, you retain full control over all the ingredients. What's more, you only need one capsule a day instead of a whole collection of supplements.

    How can I put together my own personalized vitamins?
    At indyvit, we offer you three ways to put together your personalized vitamins. In expert mode you can compile all the vital substances you need yourself. You can choose which ingredients you want in your capsule and in what quantity. In addition, we always give you the recommended and maximum daily dose. Overdosing is therefore not an issue.

    If you are not yet familiar with personalized supplements, our online analysis is the right choice. You answer 15 questions about yourself, your body and your goals. The algorithm in the background then creates the perfect, individual mix for your body.

    As a third option, we offer you a blood test. This allows you to take a simple and painless blood sample at home. The laboratory analyzes the sample and produces a detailed report. Based on the results, we will provide you with a customized recipe recommendation that perfectly suits your needs.

    We do not use colourants, coating agents, stabilizers or binders in any of our products. You retain full control over the list of ingredients. So you only swallow the ingredients you need. For your personalized vitamins, you choose the name, capsule color, taste and label yourself - full control!

    Convinced? Then choose the right way for you here. You can already look forward to your personalized vitamins!

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