Not only a balanced diet keeps you fit, but also vitamins and fitness

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To stay fit, you should rely on several pillars. In addition to a balanced diet, these include vitamins and fitness. Vitamins cannot be produced by the body itself. We therefore have to get them from our diet. And fitness helps to strengthen the immune system and stay in shape.

Vitamins are particularly important for athletes as they support muscle regeneration. They can also boost your performance. Vitamins and fitness are often the best medicine in other areas too. Be it for your ability to concentrate, for your mood or during pregnancy - make sure you lead a healthy lifestyle. In this article, you can find out more about the interaction between fitness and vitamins.

How do vitamins and fitness work together?

Sporty people not only do their bodies a big favor visually, but also in terms of health. People who exercise regularly have a longer life expectancy and higher immunity. Athletes are significantly less likely to suffer from certain diseases. Sport also supports your metabolism and helps you stay in shape.

In order for your body to benefit optimally from sport, a suitable diet is important. This provides you with important vitamins, minerals and plant-based substances as well as amino acids. Your need for these substances is sometimes higher during sporting activities. Many fitness enthusiasts take dietary supplements for muscle building to meet their needs. However, you already consume the most important substances with a balanced diet.

As an athletic person, you don't have to worry about a vitamin deficiency. The increased energy requirement does not automatically mean that you need more vitamins. Your portions are usually larger as an athlete:in, which is why you also consume more vital substances .

Despite a balanced diet and fitness, a vitamin deficiency can occur. Athletes are therefore not exempt from taking good care of their vital substances. Vitamins such as vitamin C, E, B6 and B12 are very important for your health. They are found in fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and nuts, among other things. Should a deficiency nevertheless occur, an individualized dietary supplement from indyvit is the right choice.

Which fitness activities suit me?

For your health, a varied fitness training is important. It makes sense to experiment with different types of sport. There are no general recommendations as to which fitness activities suit whom. The important thing is that the sport you choose is fun and motivates you.

Remember to support your chosen fitness with vitamins. This means that you should tailor your diet and nutritional supplements to your chosen sport. Those who strengthen their muscles, for example, need different vital substances than yoga fans or gymnasts.

The following overview shows you which vitamins and vital substances are particularly important for which type of fitness:

It also makes sense for all sports enthusiasts to take in important nutrients before they start exercising. The best way to do this is with a tasty smoothie or vitamins for athletes. Select your suitable topic in our online analysis and the algorithm will create a perfect dietary supplement that is completely tailored to your body. This ensures that your body is optimally prepared for the effort.

After your fitness activity, you will need in addition to vitamins you also need plenty of water to replace the fluids lost through sweating. Regeneration is also important now. A balanced diet also comes into play here. Practice makes perfect - this also applies to the balance between vitamins and fitness.

Which vitamins do I need?

Not only fitness enthusiasts, but all of us need sufficient vitamins. Vitamin deficiency is particularly common in winter. This is partly due to the lack of sunlight in our regions. Many of us have a vitamin D deficiency in winter. In addition, fruit and vegetables contain fewer vitamins in winter, which is why additional vitamins are needed in the cold months.

Basically, you need a combination of the following vitamins:

All these vitamins are found in different concentrations in foods. If you suspect a deficiency, indyvit will help you to get the vitamins you need. We offer you all the vitamins mentioned as well as other important vital substances in the capsule configurator. There you can put together your personalized vitamins for your fitness.

How can I personalize vitamins for fitness?

Typical dietary supplements for athletes contain vitamins A, C, E and B6. However, they often contain high doses that are not necessary. What's more, each of us has different needs. At indyvit, we are committed to individual nutritional supplements and vitamin capsules. You can personalize these - depending on what your body needs.

We always state the recommended daily dose, the minimum dose and the maximum dose. This way, there is no risk of overdosing. There is no risk of overdosing on vitamins. However, too many vitamins can lead to the effect of the sport being less strong.

If you already know which vitamins you need for fitness, the expert mode is right for you. Here you can mix vitamins, minerals, herbal substances and amino acids to create your own personal booster. Otherwise, our online analysis will help you find the right mix.

Thanks to the individual vitamins for fitness, you now only have one capsule per day. You retain full control over all ingredients. We avoid unnecessary colourings, coating agents, stabilizers and binders. You can personalize your configured mix of vitamins with the label, capsule color and taste.

Interested? Then we cordially invite you to try out the innovative indyvit capsule configurator to test it out. We look forward to hearing from you!

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