Food supplements and vitamins: Not a trend, but a daily requirement

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Our health is one of our most important assets. But it's not always easy to eat healthily in everyday life. Factors such as Stress or lack of exercise can quickly lead to discomfort. Fortunately, there is a practical solution. Food supplements and vitamins help you to provide your body with the important nutrients it needs under all conditions.

This is not just a trend or a luxury product. On the contrary: food supplements show that you are taking good care of your body. After all, an adequate supply of vitamins and nutrients is something we all need every day. With the help of individualized food supplements, you can optimally cover your daily needs.

In this article, you will find out which vitamins you need every day and how to take them. We look at how a vitamin deficiency manifests itself and what you can do about it. Because with the help of food supplements, you can quickly get a deficiency under control again. And indyvit's vitamin supplements are perfectly tailored to your body.

Which vitamins do I need every day?
Vitamins are among the essential vital substances that we all need. They have central functions in the human body. Among other things, vitamins provide the following:

- Immune system
- growth
- Teeth and bones
- Skin, hair & nails
- Sleep

Of course, vitamins are not a panacea. But in combination with other vital substances, a good diet and plenty of exercise, you are on the right track. Even in stressful situations or if you have special dietary requirements, you can still get enough vitamins with the help of food supplements.

At indyvit, we offer you a combination of different vitamins. You have the choice between different vital substances. This includes vitamin B1, for example. It is also known as thiamine and contributes to normal energy metabolism. It also contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system and normal mental function.

Provitamin A is also known as beta-carotene. It contributes to normal iron metabolism and to the maintenance of normal mucous membranes and skin.

Vitamin C is another important vitamin from plant sources. It contributes to the normal function of the immune system and to normal mental function.

Vitamin B12 helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue. Vegans in particular must be careful to consume enough vitamin B12 - this is often only possible with supplements.

In addition, indyvit also provides you with vitamin B6, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, niacin, biotin, folic acid and vitamin D3. By clicking on the respective vitamin you can see directly what tasks it has. So you know what benefits to expect.

How can I take vitamins?

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We normally take vitamins through our food. This is because our body cannot produce most vitamins itself. One exception is vitamin D: this vitamin, also known as the sunlight vitamin, is produced in the body. The prerequisite for this is that you spend enough time in daylight. Vitamin D deficiency often occurs in winter.

Furthermore, it is not easy to get enough vitamins from food. Even a very healthy, balanced diet cannot always meet individual requirements. This depends, among other things, on your eating style, but also on your sporting activity and your metabolism.

It therefore makes sense to use nutritional supplements to important vitamins with the help of food supplements. The practical capsules from indyvit help to cover all your individual requirements and prevent deficiency symptoms.

In addition to the vitamins from the dietary supplement, you should continue to eat a balanced diet. The rule of thumb is to eat at least three portions of vegetables and two portions of fruit a day. So snack as healthily as possible and make sure you drink plenty of water and fruit tea. Fitness is also important to support your body.

How does a vitamin deficiency manifest itself?
Vitamin deficiency is particularly common in winter. This is because there is often not enough daylight to produce enough vitamin D. In addition, foods such as fruit and vegetables tend to contain fewer vitamins in winter. The supply of minerals is also usually poorer in winter as we eat a less healthy diet.

Deficiency symptoms can manifest themselves as follows:

- High blood pressure
- Chronic tiredness
- exhaustion
- Poor concentration
- Weakened immune system
- Moodiness and lack of drive
- Osteoporosis
- Heart and vascular diseases

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These symptoms cannot always be clearly identified as deficiency symptoms. However, you should take action at the first signs. Pay particular attention to a good, balanced diet. You can also tackle the deficiency with the help of vitamin supplements. Our topics will show you which combinations are best suited to your personal needs.

It also helps to keep a diary of your symptoms. This will show you whether you feel worse on days with little exercise or little daylight, for example. Vegetarians and vegans should be particularly careful.

How do I get enough vitamins?
Each vital substance has a recommended daily dose. But instead of calculating at every meal, it makes sense to take a more targeted approach. Think about where you are deficient in vitamins and nutrients and why. With the help of a food supplement capsule specially configured for you, you can then easily take sufficient vitamins.

The food supplement configurator from indyvit helps you to see directly which value is recommended per vital substance per day. You also receive information on the minimum and maximum values for each vitamin. In this way, it is not possible to exceed the maximum daily dose. This means that even the less experienced are in no danger.

Unlike generic food supplements, with indyvit you can configure exactly the right amount of vital substances for your needs.

If you don't know exactly where to start, it's best to do the online analysis
. You answer 15 questions about yourself, your body and your lifestyle and the configurator will configure the perfect dietary supplement for you.

Perhaps you already know exactly which food supplements and vitamins you need. In this case, we will give you the corresponding minimum and maximum values. Apart from that, you have plenty of scope to create your perfect food supplement capsule at indyvit. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you in any other way.

What do food supplements with vitamins do?
Vitamin supplements help to alleviate symptoms caused by a vitamin deficiency. The targeted intake of food supplements is ideal for compensating for deficiencies and preventing symptoms.

What are the benefits of food supplements?

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Food supplements are regulated in Switzerland and are therefore harmless to health - provided you adhere to the dosage instructions. They must not contain any dangerous or hazardous substances. There is also information on possible allergic reactions.

In addition to their safety, dietary supplements offer the advantage of supporting health. It is important to tailor the intake of capsules to your individual needs. This is because general dosages are only helpful in exceptional cases.

At indyvit, you can obtain food supplements with vitamins that are configured exactly as it makes sense for you personally. We work with high-quality raw materials that must meet strict quality standards. Wherever possible, we rely on regional suppliers. We also check every raw material in our food supplements as part of a micro and macro analysis.

In combination with a healthy, balanced diet and plenty of exercise, food supplements can support your general health.

How can I configure my dietary supplement?
A dietary supplement should be precisely tailored to your personal needs. At indyvit, we are convinced that health is something very individual. That's why we want to give you full control with the capsule configurator.

Classic vitamin capsules from the supermarket are aimed at the general public. They usually contain several vital substances, but these are not tailored to you personally. It may therefore be necessary for you to swallow several capsules a day. In addition, they usually contain a lot of unnecessary additives. With your indyvit capsule, on the other hand, you can combine all the vital substances you want in one product and leave out the unnecessary ones.

If you are already familiar with nutrients, you can configure your product individually at indyvit. For everyone else, our online analysis offers the perfect alternative. .

What advantages does indyvit offer for my dietary supplements?

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With indyvit you have full control over all ingredients. We give you maximum transparency. We completely avoid unnecessary ingredients such as colourings, coating agents, binders and stabilizers. On request, you can view the certificate of analysis for each ingredient.

Not only the contents, but also the appearance of your capsule you design yourself at indyvit. You can choose the taste, color and name. We give you various options for the perfect combination. This way, you get a capsule that belongs only to you - that's what makes dietary supplements fun!

If you too are convinced that you know best which vitamins you need, you've come to the right place. We give you full control over your dietary supplement. Because health is an individual matter! In the capsule configurator you can create your perfect product with just a few clicks.

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