Green coffee: the power of unroasted beans

Grüner Kaffee: Die Kraft der ungerösteten Bohnen

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Today we are focusing on a fascinating ingredient that can be found in many of our customized supplements: green coffee. These unroasted coffee beans have attracted a lot of attention in recent years, mainly because of their potential benefits.

Where and how is green coffee grown?
Green coffee comes from the same beans as the coffee we drink every day. The key difference is in the processing. The beans are harvested but not roasted, which means that they retain their green color. They are mainly grown in coffee-growing regions around the world.

Extraction and ingredients of green coffee:
The extraction of green coffee involves drying and processing the fresh beans, without the roasting process. This process makes it possible to preserve many of the natural ingredients that would be lost during roasting. The important components include chlorogenic acid, antioxidants and polyphenols.

Does green coffee contain caffeine?
Green coffee also contains caffeine. The roasting process affects the caffeine content, and since green coffee beans are not roasted, more caffeine is retained.

The exact caffeine content can vary depending on the specific conditions of cultivation, processing and other factors. It is important to take this into account, especially for people who are sensitive to caffeine or need to limit it.

If the amount of caffeine in a product plays a role in individual needs, it is advisable to consider the exact dosage and caffeine content in's customized supplements.

Effect and mode of action:
Due to its chlorogenic acid content, green coffee is believed to have positive effects on your well-being and therefore also on your metabolism.

Use in customized supplements:
In's customized supplements, we specifically integrate green coffee to support the individual needs of our customers. The exact dosage and combination with other ingredients are precisely tailored to the respective body.

Combination with other substances:
Green coffee can ideally be combined with various other ingredients to achieve synergistic effects. Here are some possible combinations that could be used in customized supplements from

  • Green tea: combining green coffee with green tea can have a synergistic effect on metabolism, as both ingredients contain antioxidants and polyphenols.
  • Black pepper: The pungent compounds in black pepper can stimulate the metabolism, which could harmonize with the potential effects of green coffee on fat burning.
  • L-carnitine: This amino acid-like substance plays a role in energy metabolism and is often used in supplements to support fat loss.

Green coffee is undoubtedly an interesting ingredient with promising properties. We hope that this insight into the world of green coffee provides informative impulses. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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