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Tailor-made vitamins for hair loss (290 capsules)

Tailor-made vitamins for hair loss (290 capsules)

Price: from CHF 96.55 for 290 capsules (the price varies depending on the ingredients and their quantities)

Tailor-made vitamins for hair loss offer you the advantage of being highly effective. This is because each product is unique and tailored precisely to your body and its needs. Our formulation contains the most important and essential vital substances for your hair. Always in the quantity that your body needs. This will help your hair achieve its usual strength, shine and volume.

Answer 15 questions about yourself and your body. The scientific analysis will create your own personalized indyvit formula.

  • Your mixture is unique
  • Your formula is always freshly produced
  • Laboratory quality - Made in Switzerland
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The advantages of my personal blend

The needs for vitamins and vital substances are as different as people themselves. Mass-produced goods do not do justice to this. With indyvit you only take as little as possible and as much as necessary. That's why your individual indyvit is so efficient.